Mobile Identity solutions for conversions,
authentication, fraud prevention, and compliance

Phone Number Verification


Strengthen your application throughout the customer account lifecycle. From account creation to profile changes or from log-in to high value transaction, protect each interaction with your application. Enable the appropriate level of assurance as needed by your business at each point in the app flow.

Deliver a seamless experience to your users with implicit authentication checks which keep the users in your application while maintaining top grade security. Leverage platform capabilities such as Phone Identification and Account Baselining to create a robust authentication mechanism.



Many industries such as banking, gaming and insurance operating globally, still require a live person to perform the regulatory compliant KYC (Know Your Customer) or AML (Anti-Money Laundering) check. As these traditional businesses move online, meeting these requirements become a challenge while maintain a great consumer experience.

Using data matching/cleansing, video and biometrics capabilities from allows your business to seamlessly meet the regulatory requirements. These solutions significantly lower the costs and time taken to perform KYC and are compliant with new AML and CFT (Counter Financing of Terrorism) directives, while at the same time significantly improving the overall KYC experience for the user.

Fraud Prevention


Fraudsters are playing the long game and constantly evolving their strategies. From synthetic identities to account takeovers to malware or spoofing, bad actors can wreak havoc on your bottom-line and your brand.

Prevent against these scenarios by leveraging key data and capabilities from the  Mobile Identity Platform such as data matching, account baselining, phone identification and proactive monitoring.

Automatic Form Fill


Driving up customer acquisitions is critical for your business while maintaining a great user experience. It’s a tough tradeoff for businesses of any type. Additionally, ensuring that the data provided by your users is appropriate for your business is always a challenging proposition.

Verified profile data from the  Mobile Identity Platform is the best way to sign up new users. Leveraging their profile information at the carrier, you can auto populate the registration forms driving conversion times down to seconds and minimizing friction for the user.



MobileID Asia’s compliance solution uses authoritative live data from the mobile operators to minimize risk exposure. Using real-time mobile carrier services such as Data Match, Account Status and Account Tenure and many other attributes, MobileID Asia helps ensure that the phone number still belongs to the consumer you are trying to call or text. Additionally, we monitor phone deactivations and number transfers on an ongoing basis to determine changes in ownership.

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